Electrocoat Lines

GARNIC ELECTROCOAT Painting Equipment is used for a wide range of products and can be either continuous or batch type process. 
What is Electrocoat
Electro-coating is a Method of organic finishing which uses electrical current to deposit the paint.
The process works on the principal of 'Opposites Attract'.
The fundamental physical principle of electro coating is that materials with opposite electrical charges attract.
An electro coat system applies a DC charge to a metal part immersed in a bath of oppositely charged paint particles.
The paint particles are drawn to the metal part and paint is deposited on the part, forming an even continuous film over every surface, in every crevice and corner, until the coating reaches the desired thickness.
At that thickness, the film insulates the part, so attraction stops and electro coating is complete.
Depending on the polarity of the charge, electro coating is classified as either anodic or cathodic.
Types of Electrocoat  
In anodic electro coating, the part to be coated is the anode with a positive electrical charge, which attracts negatively charged paint particles in the paint bath.
During the anodic process, small amounts of metal ions migrate into the paint film, which limits the performance properties of these systems.
Their main use is for products in interior or moderately aggressive exterior environments.  Anodic coatings are economical systems and offer excellent colour and gloss control.  
In cathodic electro-coating, the part to be coated is given a negative charge, attracting the positively charged paint particles.
Cathodic electro coat applies a negative electrical charge to the metal part, which attracts positively charged paint particles.
Reversing the polarities used in the anodic process greatly reduces the amount of iron entering the cured paint film and enhances the properties of cathodic products.
Cathodic coatings are high-performance coatings with excellent corrosion resistance and can be formulated for exterior durability.

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Electrocoated parts