Dust Collectors & Cyclones

Garnic Technologies dust collectors and cyclones are designed & manufactured mainly for the powder coating industry but can be used in most other industries including abrasive blasting.
Garnic Technologies Dust Collectors has the following features:
  • Fully automated Pulse solenoid valves and timer blocks and the system operates as in fully automated reverse pulse mode
  • Fans rated and sized correctly with t 12' wg pressure
  • Garnic Technologies guarantees the Filtration efficiency to be exceptional at 99% on 0.5'm Dust particles. Start up efficiency of 99% on 0.2-2'm dust particles reflects highest industry standard (BIA Class C)
  • The dust collectors are designed to exhaust to the external of the building or recycle through a post filter back to the powder booth to prevent dust displacement within the work area.
  • Air receiver are built to Australian pressure vessel standards
  • A hopper is supplied on the base to collect dust  under a vacuum seal
Garnic Technologies Cyclones have the following features: 
  • Sized correctly to reclaim 90-95% of powder for re-use.
  • Swing out base for easy cleaning.
  • Quick disconnect ductwork for easy cleaning
  • Hopper supplied to collect dust powder under a vacuum seal
  • Mini cyclone on base to transfer reclaim powder back to powder hopper


Dust collector
Dust Collector
Dust collector for Shot Blasting

3000 cfm dust collector for laser cutter

Portable open face dust collector

Open Face Powder Booth

Open face Dust collector