Industrial Ovens

GARNIC Drying, Curing and Heat Treatment Ovens
Our industrial ovens are designed with the following special features and can either be electric or gas, continuous conveyor or batch types:
Garnic Technologies announces that 'GARPURGE' will be now available as an option on all continuous and batch ovens. The 'GARPURGE' system reduces purge times down to 40 seconds!
Office of Gas Safety Regulations decree that industrial ovens must purge FIVE volumes before the gas can fire up. This purge time can be up to 25 minutes. Impatient plant managers, operators and commissioning engineers always turn down the purge timer to get started faster. This is a dangerous practice. Industrial ovens with accumulated gas inside will explode when the burner lights.
This Garnic design ensures the customer will benefit by:
  • Reduction of wasted time waiting for purge time to elapse
  • Removing the RISK of Office of Gas Safety legal action if the purge timer is turned down by impatient operators
  • Reduction of wasted electricity during the extended purge operation
Adjustable Louvers
The oven air distribution louvers are not permanently fixed or welded in place. During commissioning, GARNIC Engineers set the oven air distribution louvers system up exactly to the customer's product. Louvers need also to be adjusted for compensation to the physical location within the building (ie. door draughts). Once the louvers are set, they remain that way for the life of the installation.
'Energy Saving' Burner
GARNIC gas burners modulate to control the temperature of the oven.
As well as gas modulation, the GARNIC gas burners also proportionally reduce the combustion air drawn into the oven during low fire. The result is that less hot air is forced out the flue and significant energy can be saved with this strategy.
Robust Modular Construction
The GARNIC industrial ovens are built and shipped as complete reinforced modular units. This feature reduces the time taken and cost of installation.

The GARNIC industrial oven enjoys increased resale value due to this feature. 
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