Powder Coating Equipment

Garnic Powder Coating Lines
Garnic powder coating equipment is built tough, work extremely well yet still look good after several years of operation.
The Pretreatment Section
Garnic uses only stainless steel in its range of wash and pretreatment plants. The stainless steel is fully welded, treated and polished to produce a finish that will be esthetically pleasing and functional with Safe access using fiberglass walkway and full internal lighting.
The spray systems are modular and simple to maintain. Spray nozzles clip on and off with the twist. The manifolds are fitted to the re-circulation system by Camloc Quick disconnect fittings. Pumps are fitted with stainless steel isolation valves on both entry and discharge so that seals can be serviced and replaced easily.
Tanks are built to the unique GarCURVE design. This design strengthens the tank, removes unsightly sheet metal dents and bubbles and enhances the overall look of the system.
The Dry-off Oven
Dryness is critical to the process. Garnic ovens are designed to direct high-speed air in and around the product to maximize the drying efficiency.
Minimising start-up times
Australian Office of Gas Safety Purge Time requirements are met using the unique 'GarPURGE'® system. Generally, the oven can purge as per regulations in around 1 minute instead of the normal 15 minutes.
Using waste heat
The GARNIC dry-off ovens are designed to use waste heat from the pretreatment tank burner gas flues. The gas consumption for the operation of the oven is reduced with the use of this waste heat.
Powder Coating Booths
The Garnic powder booths are fully manufactured from stainless steel. The powder booths are easy to wipe down and restore to ultra-clean condition ready for the next color. The powder booths are fitted with a door and work platform for manual operators and can be fitted with special slots for reciprocator operation.
Powder Recovery
Powder exhausted from the booth may be recovered by the Cyclone, the reverse pulse filter system or a combination of both. Powder is collected, sieved and returned to the powder hopper ready for reuse.
Cure Oven
The cure oven is designed to initially gently blow heat onto the product so not to disturb the freshly placed powder, then after a certain amount of 'gelling' has taken place, blast the product with air from all sides to cure it within the temperature range in the minimum time. The cure oven burner is designed to minimize the fresh air injection at low fire. This will minimize the waste heat lost through the vestibules and the flue. The vestibules are designed to enhance the air curtain to create a no-flow void to minimize all heat escaping at the entry and exit ends.
Conveyor System
The most asked for system is the robust Conveyor X348 and X458 models for the overhead systems. Other systems are available to suit individual requirements.
Powder coating application equipment
Garnic Technologies will work with all Powder application equipment supplies to find the best solution and cost for the customer.
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